For generations my family and our closest relatives have produced the purest extra virgin olive oil from 25,000+ olive trees in the beautiful country of Greece. The olives Koronéiki, which is the most prized Greek olive variety for oil production, are hand-picked, cold pressed the same day and never blended with other oils. This type of olive produces a very small fruit with high ratio of skin to flesh giving the oil its coveted aromatic qualities. Most of our production consists of agourélaio, oil from olives that are slightly unripe. The oil is pure, solely produced on family soil and no where else in the world can you get an olive or olive oil of such rare taste and as succulent. The aroma hints of fruit, pepper and grass. It is very low of acidity and possesses top-tier characteristics. Chemical analysis has proves year after year that our extra virgin oil has low acidity and is high in antioxidants. Thanks to hundreds of miles of Mediterranean sea, the soil is a miraculous biological mix, extremely rich in Iodine and Oxygen. We add profound dedication and hard labor to obtain an EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL that stands out when compared to any other product in the market

Check our factory and oil production in this video link: http://youtu.be/CtXKuUYcOtk[/wpcol_1third


Proudly continue to be from the few companies that produces, imports, sells and distributes olive oil products directly to restaurants and consumers in the DC metropolitan area.  Our organization is in unique possition that has proven to help our customers save money while enjoying one of the highest, purest, quality oil available anywhere. There is nothing more satisfactory than seeing your customers succeeding through your hard work.